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Local SEO – Programmatic Method

Who Needs Programmatic SEO (pSEO)?

Local-focused websites can greatly benefit from Programmatic SEO, especially by incorporating specific local terms like sub-districts or subdivisions.

My approach ensures SEO compliance, creating content that is not just filler but is easy to understand and includes dynamic elements.

Additionally, I use a special, efficient yet powerful method to keep Google bots recognizing ongoing content updates.

Can pSEO Last Long?

Yes, it can. Websites with pSEO that I have managed are still running effectively for more than 4 years.

What is Needed to Run pSEO?

A self-hosted WordPress CMS is required. Unfortunately, platforms other than WordPress are not compatible.

What is the Secret Technique to Keep Articles Safe from Google Deindexing?

I have a unique mix and supporting plugins that keep content fresh and automatically updated.

To make content even more engaging, elements like games, puzzles, quizzes with scores and timers can be included.

These elements encourage visitors to stay longer as people generally enjoy games and challenges.

Can I Add Eye-Catching Elements?

Absolutely. You can include video popups, image sliders, accordions, tabs, stylish text, progress bars, tables, content tickers, weather forecasts, social feeds, countdowns, and more.

Can the Article Design be Customized?

Certainly. I can create designs as per your preference or discuss custom designs with you.

As a designer myself, this is not an issue at all.

Is There Optimization Before Article Creation?

Definitely. I sort keywords with low competition and good search volume.

Then, I create topical authority from these pSEO articles. Many overlook building topical authority, leading to content that is less valued by Google.

Are Additional Tips Provided to Maintain and Improve Performance After the Project?

Yes, I provide this service for free. This option is not offered elsewhere and includes essential techniques to maintain content performance.

Essentially, I tailor these to align with Google guidelines so that the algorithm remains favorable to our blog website.

The traditional SEO method

also known as traditional blog creation, remains the most effective approach among various SEO methods due to its sustained performance relative to the high costs and efforts involved.

If you have a sufficient budget for SEO, we still recommend utilizing the traditional SEO method.

Imagine having to hire an article writer, a keyword researcher, a graphic designer, and a publisher for every piece of content.

The cumulative cost for a single article can range between 60 to 100 USD, and that's not even considering the time spent from research to publication. This conventional method is draining resources.

The challenges don't stop at the creation phase. Once the content is live, there's the constant threat of Google's ever-changing algorithm, which can de-rank or even de-index content that doesn't comply.

Plus, with the rise of local SEO, there's a pressing need to produce content that resonates with specific localities, further complicating the content creation process.

Benefit of Programmatic SEO, based on my experience

  • Cost Efficiency: By automating the content creation process, costs can be slashed by 50-80% or even more.
  • Time-Saving: Significant reduction in the time taken from research to publication.
  • Google Guidelines Compliance: Ensures content adheres to Google's standards, reducing bounce rates and avoiding penalties.
  • Resilience to Algorithm Updates: Proven to be effective for over 5 years, with minimal negative impact from Google algorithm updates.


The implementation of Programmatic SEO led to:

  • Drastic cost savings in content creation.
  • Faster turnaround times from idea to live content.
  • You can begin to see results within three months after publishing scheduled articles.
  • Content that remains relevant and stands strong against Google algorithm updates.

Here is the image of security attack by hackers


Premium Digital Marketing Services

  • SEO Audit Audit whole web performance to get better Google ranks & achieve traffic increasing
  • Keyword Research Gold activity at first step. Proven to increase traffic potential more than 10 times compared to without this process
  • Content Writing Content is king. However, it must also be created for Google bots besides for humans
  • Website Design Creating a responsive website design with attractive Elementor effects
  • Web Security & Email Domain Preventing hundreds of hacking attempts every day. Integrated with email notifications
  • SEM & Meta Ads Get quality traffic from ads and avoid wasting money on effective advertising

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