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Reasons Why Some WordPress Developers Hesitate to Use Elementor

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Elementor has risen to be one of the most popular page builders within the WordPress ecosystem, but it's not without its critics. Some developers remain hesitant to adopt this tool for various reasons. This article explores the factors that contribute to this reluctance and discusses the broader implications for web development.

Elementor's intuitive drag-and-drop interface and extensive widget library have made it a favorite among WordPress users. However, a segment of the WordPress developer community remains skeptical about integrating Elementor into their workflow. Understanding their concerns is crucial for a balanced view of this page builder's place in web development.

Performance Concerns

One of the primary reasons some developers avoid Elementor is the concern over website performance.

Code Bloat

Critics argue that Elementor can add unnecessary weight to web pages, potentially leading to slower load times.

Impact on SEO

Page speed is a factor in search engine rankings, and any tool that impacts load times can have a knock-on effect on SEO.

Learning Curve and Flexibility

Developer programmer typing code on keyboard for programming to developing web and application
Developer programmer typing code on keyboard for programming to developing web and application

Despite its user-friendly reputation, Elementor does have a learning curve, and some developers prefer more traditional coding methods.

Over-reliance on a GUI

Some developers believe that reliance on a graphical user interface can limit understanding and control over the finer details of web design.

Customization Limitations

While Elementor is highly customizable, there may be instances where developers find it restrictive compared to hand-coding.

Long-Term Viability and Lock-In

Concerns about the long-term viability of page builders and the potential for content lock-in also make some developers wary.

Content Lock-In

If you decide to deactivate Elementor, it can leave behind a lot of shortcodes, which can be a hassle to clean up.

Future Proofing

Developers are concerned about how changes to Elementor's platform might affect existing sites in the long term.

Compatibility Issues

Elementor, like any plugin, can have compatibility issues with other plugins or themes, which can be a significant concern for developers.

Plugin Conflicts

With the vast ecosystem of WordPress plugins, conflicts are inevitable, and troubleshooting these can be time-consuming.

Theme Restrictions

Some themes may not be fully compatible with Elementor, leading to design or functionality issues.

The Cost Factor

Elementor Pro's subscription model is another factor that can be a barrier for some developers and their clients.

Recurring Costs

The annual subscription fee for Elementor Pro can add up, especially for developers managing multiple sites.

Comparison with Free Alternatives

There are free alternatives to Elementor that some developers may prefer, especially for simple projects.

The Developer Community's Perspective

The WordPress developer community is diverse, and its members have varied preferences for building sites.

The Traditional Coding Approach

Many developers take pride in their coding skills and may view page builders as a crutch.

The Open Source Philosophy

Some in the community prefer to use tools that are fully open source, which Elementor Pro is not.


While Elementor has transformed the way many people create websites on WordPress, it's not the universal solution for every developer. Performance concerns, the potential for plugin conflicts, cost considerations, and a commitment to traditional coding practices are valid reasons why some developers hesitate to use Elementor. As with any tool, it's about choosing the right solution for the specific needs of the project and the preferences of the developer.


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