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Weaknesses of Elementor That Lead Users to Switch to Bricks Builder

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Elementor, a popular page builder plugin for WordPress, has gained a massive user base over the years due to its user-friendly interface and powerful features. However, no tool is without its flaws, and some users have found shortcomings in Elementor that have led them to explore alternatives like Bricks Builder. In this article, we'll discuss the weaknesses of Elementor that have prompted users to consider making the switch to Bricks Builder.

1. Pricing Model

Programmers cooperating at Developing programming and website wo
Programmers cooperating at Developing programming and website wo

One of the primary concerns among Elementor users is its pricing model. While Elementor offers a free version with basic features, many advanced functionalities are locked behind a paywall. To access essential features like theme building and WooCommerce integration, users need to subscribe to the Elementor Pro version, which comes with an annual subscription fee.

In contrast, Bricks Builder follows a different pricing approach. It offers a one-time payment for a lifetime license, giving users access to all features without the ongoing subscription fees associated with Elementor Pro. This pricing structure can be more appealing for users who prefer a one-time investment over recurring costs.

2. Page Load Speed

Website speed is crucial for user experience and search engine optimization. Some Elementor users have reported performance issues related to page load speed. The extensive use of Elementor's widgets and elements can lead to bloated code and slow-loading pages, especially on sites with many complex designs and animations.

Bricks Builder, on the other hand, is designed with performance in mind. It generates lightweight, clean code, resulting in faster page load times. Users who prioritize website speed may find Bricks Builder to be a more suitable option.

3. Learning Curve

Developing programmer Development Website design and coding technologies working
Developing programmer Development Website design and coding technologies working

While Elementor is known for its user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, some users have found that it still has a learning curve, especially when it comes to mastering more advanced features. Users who are new to web design and development might find it challenging to create complex layouts or implement specific design elements.

Bricks Builder aims to simplify the design process further. It provides a straightforward interface that is easy for beginners to grasp. Users looking for a more intuitive page builder may find Bricks Builder's approach more appealing.

4. Third-Party Compatibility

Elementor relies heavily on third-party add-ons and extensions to extend its functionality. While this allows for great flexibility, it can also lead to compatibility issues. Users often encounter problems when updating Elementor or its add-ons, as conflicts between different plugins can arise.

Bricks Builder takes a different approach by offering a more self-contained ecosystem. It aims to reduce the need for external plugins by providing built-in features and integrations. Users who prefer a more streamlined and compatible environment may be drawn to Bricks Builder.

5. Limited Customization Options

While Elementor offers a wide range of customization options, some users have found certain limitations, especially when trying to create highly customized designs. Advanced users seeking granular control over every aspect of their websites may feel restricted by Elementor's interface and options.

Bricks Builder distinguishes itself by providing more advanced customization capabilities. It offers fine-grained control over design elements, making it easier for users to create unique and intricate layouts. Users with specific design requirements may find Bricks Builder better suited to their needs.

6. Code Quality

The quality of generated code can impact website performance, SEO, and future scalability. Some Elementor users have raised concerns about the quality of the code it generates, particularly when complex designs are involved. Bloated or messy code can make it challenging to maintain and optimize a website.

Bricks Builder places a strong emphasis on generating clean and efficient code. Its code output adheres to best practices, ensuring that websites built with Bricks Builder are well-structured and optimized. Users who prioritize code quality may consider Bricks Builder a more reliable choice.

7. Support and Documentation

While Elementor offers support and documentation for its users, the sheer size of its user base can sometimes lead to delays in receiving assistance. Users seeking quick solutions to technical issues or design challenges may find the Elementor support ecosystem less responsive.

Bricks Builder, being a newer entrant, aims to provide more personalized support and documentation. It focuses on building a community of users and offering timely assistance. Users who value dedicated support and a more hands-on approach may be drawn to Bricks Builder's approach to customer service.

8. Mobile Responsiveness

Professional Developer programmer cooperation meeting and brainstorming and programming in website
Professional Developer programmer cooperation meeting and brainstorming and programming in website

Mobile responsiveness is a critical aspect of web design in the mobile-first era. Some Elementor users have encountered challenges in ensuring that their designs are fully responsive on various devices. Achieving pixel-perfect responsiveness can sometimes require additional effort and adjustments.

Bricks Builder strives to simplify the process of creating responsive designs. Its interface and features are designed with mobile responsiveness in mind, making it easier for users to create websites that look great on all screens. Users who prioritize mobile-friendly design may find Bricks Builder's approach beneficial.


Elementor remains a popular choice for building WordPress websites, thanks to its user-friendly interface and feature-rich environment. However, it's essential to acknowledge that no tool is perfect, and Elementor

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