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Meta Ads Manager To Get High ROI

Best Manage Meta Ads Service for Profitable Campaign in


Essentially, I can create an advertising campaign for you that generates profit. Please take a look at my ebook on ‘FB Ads Tips,' which spans 137 pages. But first, I need to determine the factors that most significantly affect the performance of your ads.

This is crucial because not all products are suitable for Facebook ads, especially if there's an abundance of advertisers, which naturally leads to high competition and pricing.

My Experience of Managing Brand

My experience assisting various brands with Meta ads and Google ads campaigns spans over three years. With a minimum budget of $40 USD per day in IDR, if in the US, equivalent to a minimum Facebook ads cost of at least $600 USD per day.

Is it advisable to advertise on Meta ads with the minimum budget suggested by the Meta platform? The answer is no, because the ad performance becomes ineffective, and it takes too long to exit the learning phase.

By monitoring your ad budget daily, the end result can be predicted from the start. If you're a big brand (not a small business), even high prices won't deter you from winning market share because your ad performance penetration is at the highest level, or at least on par with other big brands.

Peeking at all the pages running Meta ads, some have been running campaigns for more than three months, but most ad campaigns only last a few days or weeks. This automatically tells us that the long-running campaigns definitely have a high ROAS (return on ad spend), meaning they are profitable.

Achieving Winning Campaign

But how do you achieve a winning campaign? It can be done manually through the ad manager, but if there's a need for extensive horizontal scaling, then you'll spend all day just publishing numerous campaigns.

Hence, third-party tools are necessary to automate campaign operations, shut down campaigns at the ideal time to avoid wasteful CBO (Campaign Budget Optimization), which is meant for split testing and finding converting campaigns.

I have employed 7 different techniques over 3 years to understand how Meta's algorithm works. With a good grasp of this, ad performance can be highly effective.

Will all products succeed with Meta ads? The answer is no. Of course, to determine whether or not they will requires ad testing.

Research before starting

And before testing, we must monitor market competition to know who else is advertising similar products, what type of ads they're running, how long they've been running, and how many campaigns they've conducted.

From there, we move on to split testing to assess product performance. Poor performance can be due to content quality, content description, and prices that are too high in the market.

There are many factors, of course, but as long as the high price is justified by service quality not found in other products, then it shouldn't be a problem.

My understanding of Meta's ad algorithms will help you determine which objectives to choose when running ads and how to capture your audience so they don't go to waste.

Do you want to know more about..

Why should you run conversion objective content to accelerate sales?

When should you use other objectives in your Facebook ad campaigns?

When is the right time to run Facebook ads?

What are the indicators from Facebook ads that show the ad has passed the learning phase and entered a stable phase (cost-wise)?

When should you scale up vertically and horizontally?

When do ads become saturated?

How do you estimate how many times an ad creative has been seen by the same audience?

When should you retarget?

Who is suitable to see retargeting ads?

FYI, the services I offer are not limited to Meta ads alone, but also include Google Ads, Bing Ads, Pinterest Ads, and TikTok Ads.

If you're interested in hiring me for Meta ads, don't hesitate to contact me.

The recommended tools for running Meta ads are:

  • Revealbot
  • Scalenut
  • Alavi
  • Plai

Plugin for tracker: PixelYourSite

Ready to Boost Your Ads Performance?

If you're ready to supercharge your advertising campaigns with our Meta Ads Manager for Profitable Campaign, let's chat and take your online presence to the next level!

Meta Ads vs. Non-Meta Ads Comparison

AspectMeta AdsNon-Meta Ads
Ad PerformanceHigh ROAS, ProfitableVaries, may not always be profitable
Ad BudgetOptimized dailyMay not be monitored daily
Campaign DurationLong-running, stableShort-lived or variable
Scaling EfficiencyEfficient with third-party toolsManual scaling, time-consuming
Ad Algorithm UnderstandingAdvanced understandingBasic understanding
Product SuitabilityTested for suitabilityMay require testing
Objective SelectionStrategically chosenMay not be optimized
Retargeting EfficiencyEffectiveMay not be optimized



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