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Hello, I'm Kharisma Rama

Digital marketer, SEO, WordPress developer, & Visual Creator.
Life’s challenges are opportunities for growth and transformation

Service For Meta Ads Setup Campaign

fb ads campaign setup in canada

Project Service Offer Overview

I have helped many businesses increase conversions using the sales funnel, Research (analysis, Market research, Competitors, Data research, Marketing Services), building their audiences into communities and improving engagement & nurturing consumers & leads managing & maintaining focusing on KPIs.

My Strengths are:

✔️ Digital Marketing Strategy

✔️ Media Buying (Acquisition / Retargeting)

✔️ Setup ads (Meta Ads / TikTok ads / Twitter ads Youtube ads)

✔️ Optimization ads

✔️ Brand awareness

✔️ Sales Funnels

✔️ Content Strategy

✔️ Tracking and Database systems (End-to-End Analytics / Reporting / Dashboards)

✔️ Customer Journey Map

✔️ Marketing Materials (Videos, Graphic Designs / Presentation / Pitch Decks / Copies)

✔️ (CRO) Conversion Rate Optimisation / AB Testing

✔️ Marketing Automation

✔️ Trouble Shooting

And so on

Tools That I use:

⚙ Google Analytics 4 (GA4)

⚙ Facebook Pixel Setup

⚙ Social Media Ads Manager (Instagram, Facebook, Youtube)

⚙ Admin Panel (WooCommerce, Amazon, WordPress, Shopify, Clickfunnel)

⚙ Competitor Research (Facebook Ad Library, Tiktok Creative Center, Instagram)

⚙ Meeting (Google Meet, Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp)

⚙ Filmora for Content Editing (Video)

⚙ Canva

Social Platform

  • Facebook, Instagram, TikTok


Agriculture & Forestry, Art & Design, Automotive, eCommerce, Education, Energy & Utilities, Engineering & Architecture, Finance & Accounting, Food & Beverage, Game, Health & Fitness, HR & Business Services, Insurance, Manufacturing & Construction, Mining, Music, Real Estate, Retail & Consumer Goods, Tech & IT, Travel & Hospitality


  • English

Meta Ads Setup Service Pricing

Delivery Time2 days17 days32 days
Management Duration (Days)11530
Target Audience Research 
Automated Feed Ads (DPA)  
Seasonal Ad Calendar  
Ad Content Creation  
Campaign Optimization 
Keyword Research  
Analytical Ad Report  

Optional Add-ons

Ad Content Creation+ 1 Day+$25
Additional 10 Hours Work+ 2 Days+$150
Winning Product Research+ 2 Days+$75
Project Completion Steps

Steps for Completing Your Project

  1. Post-Purchase: After purchasing the project, send your requirements so I can start the project. Delivery time begins when I receive these requirements.
  2. Hide Requirements: Please share the access asap and provide your daily budget idea. What are your current objectives with Facebook campaigns?
  3. Campaign Setup: I will set up your Facebook Ads campaign for you.
  4. Management: I will provide campaign management as per the package you order.
  5. Final Delivery: After completion of the campaign management period, I will submit results as final delivery for approval.


Can you guarantee results?
No one can 100% guarantee results. We can only guarantee to get you the best possible results within your budget limit with our experience and by resolving every encountered problem being faced during our Facebook Ads Campaign.
Who pays for the Facebook ads?
Facebook will directly bill your Debit/Credit card. The projects/gig price doesn't include Facebook advertising spend.
How long does it take to set up a Facebook Ads Campaign?
ASAP (As soon as possible), The time required to set up Facebook Ads Campaign is dependent on the availability of required material by you and our workload and It could take between 1 -8 days.
Who will provide the Ad Creatives?
You will be providing the ad creatives. I will share a sample of my ad creative (image) as well. You can choose with which ones you would like to go (Advanced only) Better quality creative will result in lesser advertisement cost and vice versa.
How many Campaigns will you Run?
For ‘Starter Package' only One campaign setup. For ‘Standard Package' up to two campaigns management for 7 days. For ‘Advanced Package' up to six campaigns management for 30 days.
What are the Requirements?
I need access to your Facebook business and ads manager. If you don't have one, I will set this up for you.

Premium Digital Marketing Services

  • SEO Audit Audit whole web performance to get better Google ranks & achieve traffic increasing
  • Keyword Research Crucial step. Proven to increase traffic potential more than 10x compared to without this process
  • Content Writing Content is king. However, it must also be created for Google bots besides for humans
  • Website Design Creating a responsive website design with attractive Elementor effects
  • Web Security & Email Domain Preventing hundreds of hacking attempts every day. Integrated with email notifications
  • SEM & Meta Ads Get quality traffic from ads and avoid wasting money on effective advertising.Click Here for SEM

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